Why to sell on ioara.com

Consumers across India

Quick & easy shipping

Pay when you sell

Timely payments

How to sell on ioara.com

List your products

We provide a user-friendly interface where uploading products is quick and easy.


Product Showcase

Once your store goes live, consumers across India can view and shop your product. Also, our order management dashboard will help you manage all the orders received.



We will pick and ship the product to customer. So, we do all the heavy lifting while you grow your business.


Payment Structure

Our fees are applicable only on your sales.

Pricing Structure

Amount credited to you

The amount credited to your bank account within 7-14 business days of dispatch.


Selling price

The price set by you and paid by the buyer


Marketplace fee

Includes shipping fee, fixed closing fee and selling commission


Service tax on marketplace fee

15% of Marketplace Fee

Example of Pricing Structure

  Product Amount (RS.)  
  Selling price (order item value) 1000.00  
  Commission on selling price (various for products) 80.00  
  Fix closing fees 10.00  
  Shipping fees 45.00  
  Reverse shipping fees 0.00  
  Transaction Fees (2.5%) 25  
  Total market fee 160.00  
  Service tax on commission (15%) 24.00  
  Settlement 816.00  
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